June 8, 2009

Visitation at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Albuquerque


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AJ impresses the crowd with her “feets” of magic.








Doc sizes up the crowd to see who could catch him and who couldn’t when he snatches their official HealthSouth hospital bracelets. He’s heard the price of plastic is almost as much as the price of platinum. Of course he heard that from Abel.




A representative from Congressman Martin Heinrich’s office welcomed us back to the city of Albuquerque. It was a surprise move considering all the havoc the riders caused the year before by toilet papering the HealthSouth building and randomly placing orange caution cones all around the city.








Two coaches from the University of New Mexico Lobos basketball team, Ryan and Chris, greeted the riders and pledged the support of the entire team to our mission of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


The crowd passionately cheers as Abel gives his speech.








A spokesperson for Mayor Martin J. Chavez named June 08, 2009 as Amputees Across America day in Albuquerque.


Abel spits watermelon seeds at the unruly crowd.










Doc stares down at a heckler that said Starbucks coffee beats Dunkin’ Donuts coffee hands down



Ramona Melton (DMO) and Sylvia Kelly (CEO)  warm up the crowd with a karaoke version of “I Got You, Babe.”









Craig, president of Bike ABQ, fearlessly led our wacky troupe of cyclists on a short tour of the urban jungle that is Albuquerque. Thanks, Craig, for using such wonderful hand signals and for being borderline day-glow!






Part of the day’s festivities included a rambunctious weenie dog race in which one dog ran to the finish line, one dog ran to the snack table, two tinkled on the grass when the action started, and one chased his tail and played dead. Overall, the weenie dog race was a giant success and a real crowd pleaser.


Olympia took a few minutes out of her busy OT schedule to chat with AJ. She later was overheard saying that she recognized AJ’s Palmer Method of handwriting and heard that Joe was trying to force her into using a new, high-falootin’ method that wouldn’t look nearly as neat.




Abel threatens to wallop Shionee with a rolled up poster if she didn’t smile and pretend that she enjoyed his visit. Afterwards she was overheard muttering that there is no greater torture in the world than having to listen to one of Abel’s back-in-the-old-days stories about how his wooden cart was pulled by his pet dinosaur, Muffy. 


Thank you HealthSouth for all that you do for us each year and especially all that you do for your patients each and every day of the year.  Special thanks to Abel's home facility and the efforts of Sylvia Kelly and Ramona Melton with the enthusiastic support of their entire staff to make our visit one to remember. 



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